Artvark back to school!

Over the past 33 years in the Hague (NL) the festival ‘Dag In De Branding’ is organised, a festival for Contemporary Music. Artvark was invited to be part of the Branding Ensemble, which played the piece ‘De Stijl’ by the famous Dutch composer Louis Andriessen.

This piece is inspired by Piet Mondriaans paintings ‘Composition With Red, Yellow and Blue’ and ‘Victory Boogie Woogie’. Being part of this ensembe and playing in a for Artvark totally different setting was a pure thrill.

Caroline Bakker, director of the festival: ‘…I’m truely impressed. We have been fortunate to organize this beautiful festival over the last 33 years and this concert easily enters the top five of all performances during the large history…’ Without a doubt a huge compliment.