Artvark in ‘Messing Orchestra’ Efterklang

In Feb ’11 Artvark was a part of ‘The Messing Orchestra’, a huge project of the Danish pop/rock group Efterklang. They played the Cross-Linx Festival in halls like Vredenburg Utrecht (NL) and Maaspoort Groningen (NL).

The icelandic arranger Daníel Bjarnason wrote the charts for the in total 9 horns. For us a trip to play, kind of minimal music.
Later that year in July, this project played @ the Steve Reich Festival in Cork, Ireland.

This festival was held to honor the master composer Reich -who was actually there- to celebrate his 75th birthday. Artvark also played its own music as a quartet on the main stage.

The line-up of the festival featured a.o. Kronos String Quartet.