Artvark & Apollo

Apollo and Artvark have been working together on a ground-breaking project! Blurring the lines between classical and jazz, discovering the possibilities of 8 ‘brass men’ in full battle, full of eagerness to mix their combined artistry and history to create a new sound world that defines a new tradition, all players writing, all players improvising, collectively drawing on influences from the past and present to shape the sonic experience of the future.

The 8 original compositions from all members of the group offer a huge range of styles and sounds that somehow blend together to make cohesive whole: a piece for two baritones, accompanied by the others, hocketing melodies divided over 8 saxophones moving like clockwork, interweaving lines inspired by the movement of the ocean and the wind, music to excite and challenge, to engage and to move the soul. There will be challenges for both quartets individually as this new music demands that each quartet moves stealthily but imperceptibly into the musical world of the other. Those who dare to join us on this journey will be captivated by the kaleidoscopic properties and almost limitless sounds gifted by the saxophone.

Some of you will want an example to ponder, and audio fragment to absorb, but hey listen, this is something new… The first sessions have taken place, more are in progress. The compositions are still evolving, being moulded into their final form through a democratic and collaborative process between eight men. Picture these images and you shall be delighted to discover the new sounds of the octet, exactly as we are doing now. You will never forget this. It will never happen exactly the same way twice. On land, over seas, in fields, across towns, 8 brass men throw it down.

Those saxophones they say!

In the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.

Charles Darwin