Artvark, Matangi & Pitou

Three Dutch stars coming from the various fields of classical, pop and jazz music on one stage! The Matangi String Quartet, vocalist Pitou and the Artvark Saxophone Quartet: they play their own music and let the musical genres merge in surprising musical encounters.

Blessed with a rare angelic voice and extraordinary songcraft, Amsterdam-born Pitou did not discover the world of popular music until her late teens. Her classical background can be heard in her songs, mixed with influences from all over the world. Pitou is characterized by her exceptional voice, unique compositions and the use of vocal harmonies as an instrument in itself.

The Matangi Quartet has been a welcome guest on Dutch and international stages for over twenty years. The four members do not allow themselves to be pigeonholed and venture into various musical styles; from classical to dance and from jazz to pop. The foursome, which has won several prestigious awards, plays with top classical musicians, but has also made pioneering excursions with jazz.