Headwinds in collaboration with dance company De Stilte

Headwinds are everything that must be overcome. What do we need when faced with adversity?

The answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind.’ – Bob Dylan

The successful collaboration of de Stilte and Artvark with the production Bosch in Bed will have a sequel with the performance Headwind.

Based on the full album ‘Mother of Thousand’ by Artvark, choreographer Jack Timmermans made thirteen sketches on as many pieces of music. Thirteen separate pieces of music and dance come together in a changing set of glass curtains and chairs.

The stage breathes a bygone era and seems to refer to terraces, squares and similar locations where people gather. Prompted by the music, four dancers interact with each other.


Jack Timmermans
Jack Timmermans
music & compositions:
Artvark Saxophone Quartet
Aleksandra Pershay
light design:
Pink Steenvoorden – Einstein Design
Hayleigh Smillie
Stavali Portegijs
Evi de Boeck
Philip Vötter
Eduarda Santos
Pilvi Kuronen
Gianmarco Stefanelli