Artvark and Apollo @ UNISA

In South Africa Artvark was also a featured guest of the 2014 National Saxophone Symposium. The University of South Africa, UNISA, is putting a lot of effort to make the education of classical and jazz music accessible to all, regardless background.

We really like to thank professor Karen Devroop and Matthew Lombard for their never ending energy and effort to make our trip worthwhile. A lot of kids from townships were able to attend our workshops and concerts because the UNISA provided transport and tickets for them. All students proved to be very hungry to knowledge and eager to play.

A huge bonus of our trip to S-A was us meeting the absolute wonderful Apollo Saxophone Quartet, a classical trained quartet from Manchester UK. Many concerts we shared the stage playing double-concerts, so we were able to fully enjoy their music. They sound beautiful and also can swing like crazy: top pro’s and very good company! Though from very different backgrounds, we found out that we have a lot in common.

In 2015 we will write new music for a brand new combination of the two quartets: ASQ vs. ASQ. Tourdates will follow.

This is something we are looking very much forward to!

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