Artvark @ North Sea Jazz Festival 2014

Saturday the 12th of July, Artvark played the kick-off concert of day 2 of the North Sea Jazz Festival 2014 in a packed ‘Volga’ in Ahoy Rotterdam.

…Half way the concert the crowd already shouted loud bravo’s after ‘Clockwork Blue’, a complex composition inspired by the music of Steve Reich. The four Dutch saxophonists complemented each other wonderfully in this piece of minimal music. After that, ‘Bank Account Blues’ was played, a title that refers to their less fotunate financial situation not so long ago. On a sad rhythm they were howling and whailing desperately with their saxes. They use their horns in many ways, even as percussion instruments in ‘Breath In, Breath Out’. Their versitality was rewarded by the audience: a standing ovation in the end…

David van Lent (NRC)

Later that evening @ the NSJF Artvark was part of the big band of ‘artist-in-residence’ bass player, composer and arranger Christian McBride, who worked with artists like Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, James Brown and Sting. Together with mister McBrides lead alto player Steve Wilson, ASQ was the sax section of the band.

Another unforgettable experience…

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